WTF is the Arlo Page?

The Arlo Page — which is named after Arlo Guthrie, as many of you know — is where I park comics that meet the criteria for the CIDU site (CIDUs, LOLs, whatever), but are too iffy for the front page because of language or sexual content. Or because there’s some element that parents really might not want to explain to their kids. It’s a judgment call, and I err on the side of caution.

The Arlo Award goes to a cartoonist who sneaks something blatantly inappropriate past the syndicate’s censors. Obviously this doesn’t apply to Internet-only or self-published comics.

Please note that nothing will appear here without a link from the main site.

Unless I forget.


And TMI, I think


And I think this contradicts the retcon that said Walt’s too young to be a Boomer.

Of course, that would also mean Jeremy would have to be a lot older.

No way the timeline’s going to work for this one, unless Connie was wearing denim halter tops in 2003.

(Maybe a 70s-themed Halloween party?)