13 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Arlo – January 12, 2019

  1. Perhaps that last strip illustrates the origin of a frequently heard programmer’s lament: “Boy, this code sure is all ****ed up!


  2. Given that Autocorrect is canonically bad at her job and the father is the Computer Bug, who wrecks both software and hardware, you have to wonder what, if any, utility code they produce will have.


  3. Oh, “Autocorrect” is her name? I thought Dethany was suggesting “autocorrect” as the new skill. And I thought “Kevin and Kell” was confusing for new readers.


  4. Apparently it has, Kilby, though I’m not sure how: it wasn’t doing that in the past.

    Of course for that very reason, this response is probably going to be unreadable.


  5. Sometimes bugs have value. There are numerous cases of bugs in games that were found, but intentionally left in place because they produced some desirable side effect (usually humorous). Their number pales next to the number of bugs/bad design choices that have undesirable effects, but the number of “keeper” bugs is nonzero.

    As an example, many years ago I worked on the game version of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. In one stage, Indy is on a boat, and has to fight the bad guys. The bad guy on the same deck as Indy will fight him, while the bad guys on other decks just walk back and forth, waiting for the hero to arrive. BUT it’s possible to knock a bad guy off the end of the top level, onto the deck below. If you do that, Indy is on a deck by himself, while two bad guys patrol the deck below. When Indy himself goes to that level, one of the bad guys will freeze in place, while the other bad guy will fight Indy. When/if Indy defeats the first bad guy, the second one will suddenly recover from his paralysis to rush to fight Indy. This is a bug, It results from the fact that the game is designed so that there’s only one bad guy per deck, and so there’s only game logic for one guy at a time to fight Indy. Early in testing, this bug was discovered, but it was left in… partly because reworking the game logic for allow two guys to fight Indy at once would have meant a huge delay, and altering the level design so that making two bad guys on the same deck possible would have meant a small delay, and we were already rushed and close to deadline. It was disclosed to Nintendo QC, and marked “purposely left in for comedic effect”, and they didn’t make us fix it (possibly because they didn’t know how to trigger it).


  6. Turns out it was a CIDU for me as well. I don’t follow the strip anymore, so I didn’t know the name of the characters and also thought the new skill was “autocorrect”.


  7. At first I thought the text in The Argyle Sweater was set in the most annoying font I have ever seen, but looking closely, I think it is actually hard-lettered in the most annoying style I have ever seen.


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