7 thoughts on “5 Years

  1. We expect the boss to act negatively/violently/angrily toward a stranger in his bed, but instead we get the reveal that he instantly recognizes the man who cuckolds him as a go-getter with confidence and a clear idea of his future whose clear vision angered him at the time, but he knew he should have hired him five years ago for being such a confident go getter, and has regretted ever since??


  2. He wanted to hire someone with vision and a clear sense of where he was going. Turns out green-shirt was the right candidate all along.


  3. He wanted a goal-oriented go-getter, and took a pass on a goal-oriented go-getter. Should have hired him (and assigned him different goals)


  4. Green shirt answers the question with something that sounds like a random crudity, translatable as approximately “I don’t care about this interview at all”. Turns out he wasn’t doing that, he was giving an accurate answer.


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