13 thoughts on “Engagement

  1. As someone who used to glance at QC occasionally, it feels like the cast roster has expanded exponentially since it’s earlier days.


  2. While QC has a gag each day, it also has such strong arcs that I’m surprised anyone would even attempt QC only occasionally.


  3. Like I said, “glance at” — mainly when it comes up in CIDU or a link elsewhere on the Internet. I never read it just for the sake of reading it.


  4. True, this doesn’t seem like an Arlo candidate. I suppose it’s Faye’s reaction in panel 2. Is language enough for an Arloing?


  5. It’s true that there are plenty of QCs more “Arlo” than this one — but this was posted because it made the LOL list (and then was banned from the main page because of language)


  6. One of the contributors on rec.arts.sf.written posts comic links occasionally. Sometimes SF-related, sometimes not. QC shows up sometimes.


  7. In that case, Bill, I apologize for the Irritable Owl Syndrome image, and I’ll try not to anything like that again.


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