11 thoughts on “Books

  1. Given the interrupted word balloon and the fact that the Cliffs Notes are falling out of his pants, I think there’s an implication that he was attempting to make himself look bigger in a certain area. One traditionally enhanced with a sock.


  2. “She has a cover?”

    Not much of one in the second panel….. Hey! They should have worked in dust jacket/covers into the joke!


  3. I thought Cliff’s Notes and comparable quickie study aids were also sometimes known as “trots,” and was going to make a joke about him being “hot to trot,” but in checking I find the “trot” usage I remember (which seems pretty uncommon anyway) seems to be applied only to literal translations of foreign-language texts. I . . . suppose . . . that could work as an explanation of “translation” of worldviews between female and male, but I was too far down the rabbithole for a weak pun, so I gave up.

    On the other hand, I just said “quickie.” Hyuk hyuk hyuk.


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