12 thoughts on “Thursday Afternoon Arlol

  1. If it’s of any help, the painting’s name is Na kládách, which apparently translates to “On logs.”

    Technically, this is not a CIDU; I have no trouble understanding the joke by Steve Melcher in That Is Priceless (which, as most of you know, takes paintings in the public domain and recaptions them). But it’s a mystery as to what the original painting purportedly portrayed.


  2. That’s just like, a grassy park area? Not a stream or pond? Too bad, I was ready to understand their competition as a log-rolling contest, like what lumberjacks do. (What was the movie that featured that sport?)


  3. Actually, there is a body of water in the right background, with a trio of nude ladies on the shore. But the logs being on the ground instead of floating in the water, I get your point. I took it as a balance contest walking the logs like tightropes.


  4. I’m not sure where I’ve seen that kind of contest event portrayed. I was wrong to suppose it has to be between lumberjacks, it could be any guys (or gals) at a fair; but you do need some logs floating around. Both contestants stand facing the same way on a log, and sort of run in place to get the log spinning. One or the other will have better control of the pacing and balance, and the other will get dunked.


  5. Let’s be honest: The “purpose” of this painting was to allow the artist to stare at naked young ladies for a very long time, while still being able to tell his 34 year old wife, “Look dear, this is work, I’m not doing it for fun.”

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