10 thoughts on “Suggestions

  1. tl:dr No caption necessary. A harem is likened to a workplace, where a suggestion box indicates an actual or feigned interest by “the employer” in what the employees think about the company and their own situation.

    A suggestions box is common in a workplace to get useful feedback from the employees to improve their environment or provide suggestions for improving the company. A harem (according to common knowledge as per sermons on the Book of Esther/Solomon’s wives and concubines or many, many movies … as a pleasure palace … not the more formal sense as a protected place for women in the family) is here portrayed as a non-traditional “workplace” environment, where the wives and concubines of a polygamous person stay/are given the opportunity to provide feedback as if they were employees and not family/love servants. One could have many variations of the anachronism, such as one of the “Hang in there, it’s almost Friday” posters.


  2. Either the ruler is so “spoiled for choice” that he can’t make up his own mind which of the women to, ah, interact with next; or else his whole, ah, interaction experiences have become so boring and vanilla that he’s looking for suggestions for kinky ways to spice things up.


  3. I’s say the sultan/harem owner has already had so much sex in so many different ways he is now bored and looking for suggestions on what novel sex acts to try next…


  4. I’d say the harem owner isn’t sure of the point of a harem and thus is looking for suggestions for what to do with it.


  5. I’d say you all are right.

    However, I bet it would suck to be gay and have a haram due to social pressure. Everyone envious of something you don’t want and the women of the haram themselves wanting something from you that you can’t give.


  6. Just culture clash. Reminds me of that Far Side where the dungeon has the “Congratulations Bob – Torturer of the Month” sign.


  7. Another take on the Suggestion Box tradition.

    (And this may be a bit of CIDU — if management put up the box this way, they probably wouldn’t want to encourage the ribald / disrespectful ideas of that kind of tissue. )


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