17 thoughts on “Monday Afternoon LOL

  1. Excellent commentary on this. And to me it looks like, left to right, uneasy, flirtatious, and wondering whether to start a fight.


  2. Actually, this reminds me of a photo I took in a restaurant a few years ago at a family gathering. There were two people visible in the background: on the right, a woman giving me a “@#$% paparazzi!” glare — kind of like the guy in this painting — and on the left, a grinning man getting to his feet in order to better insert himself into the photo.


  3. That cat has been working for weeks on a levitation trick to beg for table scraps. Now that she’s finally perfected it, and she’s sitting in mid-air, waiting for a piece of steak, this idiot in a beret comes along with his easel and starts painting. By the time the picture is done, all the meat has been eaten. No wonder the cat is ticked off.


  4. I could understand if this were a photo, where you don’t have complete control of everybody’s positions — but in a painting, why would he have the women in yellow looking as if she’s trying to drink her wine through her nose?


  5. Oh okay, that’s a reflection highlight line in the glass. Before zooming he image I thought it might be an earring on her left ear, superimposed over her face. Anyway, you’re right that the impression it gives is something descending from her nose.


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