Definitely a CIDU.

Is it an Arlo?

Well, I don’t know, since it’s a CIDU: sometimes a banana’s just a banana.

(And it is possible this is a repeat for both Bratton and us)

14 thoughts on “Banana

  1. Why would Tarzan develop a “banana” over the prospect of bananas for dinner? Unless he really loves them. Can’t think of any other reason. Now a reference to wood, that’s a banana of a different color.


  2. Oh, I know–she means that his mother is serving dinner to giant, sentient bananas. She has to do this because her retirement benefits don’t cover her expenses. This naturally fills Tarzan with terror when he contemplates his own retirement, since he blew a lot of money to buy a new vine (instead of used) and he knows the bananas are fearsome taskmasters.


  3. There’s nothing here. Tarzan is transporting Jane to dinner with his family, not for the first time, and she takes the opportunity to comment on the usual fare. That’s it.


  4. Not Arlo. Rather, just a complaint over the menu choices at Tarzan’s mom’s house, since Tarzan’s mom is “of the apes”, as it says in the book title.


  5. Yes, but Tarzan’s ape-mom-equivalent, Kala, was killed when he was still fairly young, long before he met and married Jane.

    I’d say that perhaps his ape-dad-equivalent mated again, but as I recall Tarzan had also already killed his cruel ape-dad-equivalent, so by adulthood he was an orphan.

    Maybe he lied to Jane about the “she’s my mom” part because whoever this elderly female ape is, she does really good bananas (and Tarzan really likes bananas)? Or maybe we’re just not supposed to know so much about Tarzan’s past history?


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