11 thoughts on “Unicorn

  1. The unicorn certainly seems to be expressing some kind of enjoyment, or excitement. But the aspect inciting jealousy or imitation from the speaking horse might be the excitement implied by the horn, not any completion.


  2. Probably not, though one could make a case that unicorn has smoked or otherwise ingested some really good stuff. True, the usual phrasing for that situation would be “I want some of what he’s been smoking” but that would never get past the editors.


  3. That comment goes back well before that movie. I think I first saw it in a one-panel where a man sees a passed-out man at a bar and asks the bartender for “what he’s having.” It’s not always Arlo. In this case, the unicorn is the only happy-looking animal, and the one speaking wants to be that happy, too (and figures it can come from something ingested).


  4. Okay… yes, it’s a When Harry Met Sally reference but that’s such a common part of our culture it doesn’t need an Arlo tag. Even if the original *was* about faking orgasms.


  5. I remember an old MAD cartoon (possibly by Dave Berg) from the 1960s where a diner, unsure what to select from the menu, points to another diner eating further along the counter and says to the server “I’ll have what he’s having” and she just picks up the surprised other guy’s plate and passes it to him.


  6. I remember that strip. It was a very early (and not very good) Dave Berg I think. Maybe the lighter side of Diners. Could have been the same series as the one that included the one about the suburban husband saying that a trick for judging dinners is the number of trucks in the parking lot; truckers are in the know. The find out the food is lousy but the waitresses are buxom. Ha-ha?


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