The Hat Trick

I already had this one queued as an LOL, then somebody sent it to me as an Ewww…

oct 24 2019 rhymes with funny.JPG

and then one of Rocky’s Fiends submitted it for the Arlo Page —  not for the comic itself, but for his own proposed caption: “Watch me pull a rabbit out of this box!”- Dr. Bullwinkel J. Moose

6 thoughts on “The Hat Trick

  1. ..Box….

    ….ew…. and kind of unnatural. … skating but ultimately in bounds. Better with just “hat”. Not forced and it still has the imagery. It loses the humor of the analogy but that was tarnished by the crude objectification.


  2. It didn’t hit me immediately, but yes, I see the hat trick now :^). It should have been a faster realization for me, as I’ve described my first-born’s birth similarly. My son was born by Cesarean section, and was I was comforting/talking with my wife on the other side of a screen. It really did look like a magic trick – “nothing up my sleeve… tada! It’s a boy!”


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