10 thoughts on “B.A.: Monday Morning… Something

  1. All that work to subtly adjust the painted image, and then the author completely blows away the joke by using a nonsensical (and superfluous) obscenity. Replace that “$#!+” with “wasted“, and this would have been a little gem of a parody.

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  2. I agree with Kilby. (Though I think the intended meaning was a disparagement of his artistic ability, not mood or inebriation.)

    It does take some work to see the dogface, but then it is ineradicable!

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  3. If you watch British TV, you get used to this mode of speaking, where to be “a bit shit” at something is a perfectly ordinary expression — I can hear Jo Brand hosting Have I Got News For You in my head saying it right now.

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  4. @ larK – Now that you mention it, there is also the comparable expression “$#!+faced“, which would have sounded more “normal” to my (American) ear.

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  5. Kilby — it sounds like you think the expression as written has to do with being drunk — it doesn’t, it just means “not good”. đŸ’©

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  6. Compare “cr*ppy” in American. In this context, it means he couldn’t draw well enough that his picture looked like the dog he was going for.


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