21 thoughts on “In that case, wouldn’t the other woman be Jackie the Tripper?

  1. When I first saw this one I thought she was holding a knife in her left hand, but after reading Andréa’s hint about “Truth” and looking closer, I now think it’s a feather (or quill pen). Still, it’s a little odd that it’s in her left hand.


  2. Taylor is correct: the object she is holding is indeed a small vanity mirror, but I had to dig up a better image to be sure.
    P.S. With the sharper resolution, some of the figures look superposed, similar to the “green screen” effect seen in some movies.

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  3. Something I noticed whilst looking thru Garnier’s works to find this one, is that there is a LOT of activity and nudity in his paintings . . . people running around like, as the saying goes, chickens with their heads cut off, for whatever reason, and at least one or two nudes seeming to instigate all this activity.

    I guess if you find a theme that works for you, may as well stick with it.

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  4. P.P.S. I just realized that there is absolutely no way that she is going to be able to step down from that well after leading with her left foot. The message that the artist was trying to impart was probably: “I like to leave my naked models hanging in an untenable situation, so that the might ask me to help them down.


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