Tally huh???


This appeared in a 1950s lads mag. As with all these cartoons, the primary goal was to work in as many naked women as possible.

There’s generally some attempt at a joke or punchline to justify it, though, and I can’t imagine what Silas’s friend’s comment has to do with anything going on here.


9 thoughts on “Tally huh???

  1. It’s just that the upper class twits are all drowning as they jump into the mud. (Well, some of them may be.) Thus, the lower class folk, who are speaking, will not need to have a revolution to take them out, since they are effectively self-destructing.


  2. Or, more generally, they’re so incompetent (possibly not just at fox hunting) that, as Usual John said, they’ll self-destruct.


  3. A blog I just found says the image is from the Sept 1974 issue of Mayfair, painted by Angus McBride. He did other multi-figured erotic magazine illustrations through the mid-’70s, all seeming somewhat similar to illustrations found in Playboy throughout the period.

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  4. Regarding the comic posted above and the others by the same artists I mentioned, this is a case of a comic that would have been OK in the original context of the era (swinging ’70s) but studied with 2019 eyes outside of their original men’s magazine context they feel really out of step with the values of the “MeToo” present. The one posted above is one of the tamer ones.


  5. Note the fox is with the two guy on the bottom of the picture. When I visited Oxford about 40 years ago there was a club for those who liked to go fox hunting, and a club for those who went out to help the foxes.
    Or as Oscar Wilde said of fox hunting “The unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable!”


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