10 thoughts on “Pole

  1. It appears that he just supposed to be a guy on a bus (or subway), but the composition doesn’t really support that enough. It might have been a little funnier if the caption had revealed that his name was “Stanislawski”.


  2. She’s trying to get the joint rockin’ (if you’ll pardon the pun) and he’s bringing the whole room down, showing them the news.


  3. Haven’t you ever just stood on the subway with your arm hooked around the vertical pole, reading your newspaper? ‘Cause I have. There wasn’t a stripper on said pole, but it would have been rude to stare if there was, anyway. So I could totally find myself in that situation, assuming I was on a subway instead of a strip club.

    Yeah, it could be a “must live in a city with subway-based public transit to understand” comic. Vertical metal poles that people hang onto exist in two different contexts; someone mistaking one for the other can be a source of humor.

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  4. Alexander Graham Bellowski — The first Telephone Pole
    Robert E Leewandowski — The South Pole
    Yao Mingski — The Ten Foot Pole — naw, just Seven
    George Gallup — Father of the Poles


  5. Another part where understanding may be limited to people in subway-equipped cities:

    He isn’t just a subway rider, he’s a pole-hugger. That’s a rude action, though maybe not as bad as interrupting her act. Rather than just hold on to the pole, he has wrapped himself around it and claimed it as his own. That makes it difficult or uncomfortable for other people to hold the pole, which they need to do in a crowded train.


  6. I used to ride the train fairly regularly, back when I had only two cats. Whenever I went out, driving or riding, I’d always let them smell my hands when I came home. If I’d been driving, they’d take a sniff and that was that. If I’d been on the train, well, it was an orgy of sniffing. They seriously couldn’t get enough.

    Immediately two things occurred to me: 1) I need to wash my hands, and 2) I’m so glad cats can’t talk. I just don’t want to know.


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