14 thoughts on “Bonus LOL: December 1, 2019

  1. Why is that infant being bottle-fed? Seems like they have the resources ready to hand for the natural route! 😁


  2. Gag I’ve seen used by different cartoonists: Artist in his studio, drinking wine with a pretty girl. He looks out his window. “It’s my wife! Take your clothes off, quick!”

    Somehow I think of the George Booth cartoon of a typical Booth eccentric staring at a typewriter. The room is full of dogs of every shape and size, sniffing, barking, sleeping, etc. His clearly fed-up wife stands in the kitchen door and yells “Write about dogs!”


  3. @dannyakuhar
    The kid’s adopted. Or she doesn’t lactate enough to properly feed the kid, or something.


  4. Or it was the 40s and to acknowledge the existence of breast feeding was indelicate.

    ANd… the fact that the mother is nude doesn’t make the resources any *more* available. So it’d be just as legitimate to ask that of *ANY* cartoon showing a bottle (which *would* be a legitimate question).

    ….. and as an inevitable tangent does any-one get the Redd Foxx joke?: Two babies are talking and one asked “Do you prefer getting milk from bottles or.. the other way” and the other baby says “I prefer bottles; you don’t get so many eyelashes as the other way”


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  5. @Mitch4 I think that only people who subscribe knew that the Peter Arno had been posted on the Arlo Page. The first time a link appeared on the main page was today, Dec. 1, in the Black-and-White Funnies entry..


  6. You guys are picking apart the presence of baby bottles but no-one has commented that the neither the artist nor his table are throwing any sort of shadow on the floor but the empty can and box on the floor to the right are?


  7. Today I’m reading a biography of Edward Gorey in which he submitted drawings to Playboy, who rejected them because – mentioned by name – Peter Arno was more their style of humor.

    I’ll bet today more people know the name of Gorey than they do of Arno.


  8. dannyakuhar, the artist is already impatient: The last thing he wants is for his model to spend the next half hour nursing.


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