Shortpacked crossover???


There was nothing in the previous strips to indicate whether this is Mike and, if it is, why he’s being memorialized in a different strip.

7 thoughts on “Shortpacked crossover???

  1. (Is it new with WP to indicate the expected reading time, or just something I never noticed?)

    I never much cared for either of those strips, but kept getting bits of them via crossover appearances in others I was following, like Girls With Slingshots. I think I was put off by the boneless ghost cats.


  2. I think it’s more likely a Dumbing of Age crossover than a Shortpacked one (same author and characters). In DoA, Mike apparently buys the farm a couple of weeks ago.


  3. Currently, Mike’s status is unknown. Last seen falling, possibly to his death, but Amber doesn’t remember things seen when she was Amazi-Girl and it’s still just barely the next morning. Mind you, if Mike had actually died, it’d be hard to keep it from being all over campus unless the Bad Dads absconded with the corpse.


  4. Randy (of SP) tends to do little “unofficial” crossover mentions when friends of his with comics have cliffhangers. It’s usually not canon in the original strip, just a little in joke for people who read both.


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