And TMI, I think


And I think this contradicts the retcon that said Walt’s too young to be a Boomer.

Of course, that would also mean Jeremy would have to be a lot older.

No way the timeline’s going to work for this one, unless Connie was wearing denim halter tops in 2003.

(Maybe a 70s-themed Halloween party?)

14 thoughts on “And TMI, I think

  1. Why in the world does this qualify as “Arlo”? It seems to stop at least two steps short of anything even vaguely provocative, so that if any “adult imagery” is produced in the reader’s mind, it’s entirely the reader’s fault.

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  2. Jeremy’s horror at the thought of his parents being remotely sexual is a running gag, and perhaps the tone of the strip lessens the impact.

    Imagine Dennis the Menace doing this as a Sunday page. They did push boundaries a bit in early days, when the Mitchells were more emphatically young marrieds. Henry would display some Mad Men libido, and at least once passing sailors (really) whistled at Alice’s short shorts.

    Or Blondie. I see Dagwood sitting between the two teenagers with the family album, noting how hot Blondie was when they were first married. As he starts to elaborate he’s unaware they’ve both left. As to their present level of activity, I find it significant that Dagwood is constantly eating and napping without getting fat.

    In an early Gasoline Alley, Walt Wallet and his fiancee Phyllis Blossom make plans and she happily envisions a big, four-poster bed. I don’t think they ever showed one, although one might infer by the later birth of Corky. A bit boggling to imagine present-day Walt going into a sexual reminiscence in front of a great-great-grandson.

    Doonesbury had JJ giving birth to Alexa on television as part of her performance art. Not sure if that ever came up in their fraught relationship later.

    Luann, of course, would be totally okay with talking about it. Although I hope her parents would be creeped out by her interest.


  3. I have to agree with Kilby. It doesn’t seem to meet the criteria. As far as the timeline, you’re correct but it’s come to be expected for Zits.


  4. Just mentioning the fact that “sex exists” is not enough to trigger a PG rating, and this strip doesn’t even use the word “sex”, or any other provocative words at all.
    P.S. In the DVD commentary to “Mr. & Mrs. Smith“, they mention that to avoid getting an “R” rating, the scriptwriters were allowed to use that word that rhymes with a certain waterfowl only once, and in that one instance it was not allowed to refer to actual copulation. Apparently a second instance would have been more significant that the 250 thousand rounds of ammunition expended during filming.


  5. Re your DVD, U.K. television is a bit different from ours. “Mock the Week – Exceeding the show’s allocated number of swear words” and yes, they’re the word you alluded to.


  6. Jeremy does have an older brother – but not that much older. In college while he’s in high school – so max 4-8 years.


  7. @ Arthur – The rating standard I cited applies only to movies in the US. That word (along with several others) is still completely forbidden in American broadcast television, and is normally bleeped out or substituted even on cable.
    P.S. I find it slightly unnerving that a few German comedians (perhaps misled by the frequency of the word in R-rated American movies) seem to think that it is OK to say the word on primetime German TV. Curiously, they only use the English form of the word, apparently they are aware that the cognate German form (change the “u” to “i”) would be unacceptable.


  8. CIDU Bill, your wife is a lucky lady. You obviously do not pay attention to any other women. As this link to a vintage piece shows, the 90s had denim halter tops.

    There are also denim halter tops currently available.

    So dad tells kid “You know, I banged your mom” and that’s comedy? And it’s too racy for the main page? I think you’re being overly cautious. Now, if he’d replied “She wouldn’t let me put it in her ass”, that’d be another matter.


  9. SBill, I certainly do pay attention, which is why I know denim halter tops were long out of fashion by the time Jeremy (according to the current timeline) was conceived.

    EDIT TO ADD: The day after I wrote this — because coincidences are becoming alarmingly commonplace — I did see a woman wearing a denim halter top. But it was in a play set in 1973.


  10. Did anybody else find “Why did you decide to gave kids?” an odd question? It’s not as if this made Walt and Connie outliers.


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