15 thoughts on “Justice is blind. And… half-naked for some reason.

  1. I recall a video where a couple well-endowed women are working at baking, and after getting floured up they weigh their breasts individually in the pan of the kitchen scale.


  2. Half-naked, that’s fine. Although the allegorical figure of Justice is usually portrayed as fully clothed in robes, she is sometimes depicted as bare-breasted, most famously in the statute of the Spirit of Justice to which DemetriosX refers, which has one breast exposed. (There is also a masculine counterpart statue, the Majesty of Justice, which has both breasts exposed, though of course people react more to one exposed female breast than two exposed male breasts.)

    But this Justice doesn’t just have exposed breasts; she is actually weighing them in her balance. Instead of the balance inclining one way or the other, as traditionally is the case, it seems that the breasts are equally weighted (which is what one would hope for, really, for breasts). And why is the balance suspended from her neck? Is this just for support? Maybe the absent context would be helpful.


  3. Is there any significance to the fact that each breast is heavily shaded in orange (or gold)? Otherwise there is very little colour in the image.

    The other thing I notice is that she is smiling in quite a knowing way. I think that is unusual for blind justice, who normally has a steely, serious demeanour. I wonder if this cartoon is about her finding some satisfaction in using the tools to hand to work out a convenient method of supporting her breasts, as though she has invented the first bra. It might be a quirk of this artist’s style, but her breasts seem rather fuller than those of some of the statues you see, for instance Lady Justice on the Old Bailey in the UK (though there she is fully-dressed and also not blindfolded https://ukhumanrightsblog.com/2016/05/31/the-round-up-criminal-justice-close-to-breaking-point/ has a pic)


  4. My second comment is still in moderation, nearly 20 hours after I posted it? I linked to the cartoonist’s web page, which is the apparent source, and to another cartoon by him also featuring Lady Justice.


  5. There once was a girl from Anchizes
    [line left out]
    One was so small
    It was nothing at all
    But the other was large and won prizes!


  6. The orange really messed with my head, but given its location on each breast, I figured it was an idiotic choice by the colorist dealing with what was intended as shadow.

    Hanging the scale from her neck to weigh her boobs against each other, however, is just weird.


  7. UJ, thanks for that pointer. There are several more Justice comics about halfway down the page, and I liked some of them more.


  8. Yes, Usual John, thanks for the link. Along with the Justice sketches, I was interested in the collection of celebrity sketches on the upper part of the page. For Kafka I wondered why he had cell phones mounted next to his head; but it turned out they were tablets with carved messages — which still left another question.

    Of course there would be famous-then people we don’t think of often nowadays, or especially the Czechs who would loom larger for this artist than a later and non-Czech audience. But Dr. Livingstone I. Presume? Samuel Morse? Buster Keaton I am happy about, but is Keaton-Frigo genuinely his hyphenated name? Or is that a case of Mendelssohn-Bartholdy?

    Also I noticed after clicking on the Justice image that we started with, it floats a little enlarged in front of the page. Then when you hover, it reveals the labels “Pr’edchozí” and “Dals^í” which I at first guessed were descriptors of the neighboring images. But no, they are Previous and Next.


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