11 thoughts on “9 Arlo Lane

  1. In the penultimate panel it seems as though she’s thinking premature … when it’s not. In the final panel with the “don’t look down”? Is it because her socks and shoes aren’t sexy? Baffling.


  2. It’s the socks and shoes – in that dress/teddy she should either be wearing dress flats or ballerina slippers. Should as in “she normally would be”. But she forgot and left on her usual sneakers and socks, so she (believes she) is less fully alluring than usual. Not (I think) a directly sexual reference.


  3. God this strip makes me uncomfortable. It’s like McEldowney is forcing his readers to be voyeurs.

    If you go back and read the first few years of the strip, it’s much more normal. Edda is quirky but not aggressively sexual; Amos is awkward but not grotesque. Of course they’re also like 13.


  4. I kept trying to read a “Whoops! The elastic on my panties broke and they fell down” trope here, but if so they must have fallen off the way past her shoes to the unseen floor, and anyway I can’t imagine McE doing that scene while *not* depicting them in loving detail. (Also, she’s not carrying a shopping bag with a stalk of celery sticking out of it. So I guess that theory really will not work.)

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  5. I also at first thought the same as Shrug’s first ideas; with the variation that there’s the expression “That’ll be a real panty-dropper!” meaning a big improvement to a man’s appearance, or apparent status. But indeed, they would be drawn more clearly.

    Tangentially, if you’ve been following the Biden accusations, a number of reporters, no I mean opinioneers, expressed it half-delicately as “digital penetration”. I really did not quite understand the first couple times until I had seen it put more forthrightly elsewhere. Couldn’t get past the information-technology meaning of “digital” at first, and of course there is the advertising/publicity meaning of “penetration”. So it looked like a matter of how many people have been reading their newsletters …


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