5 thoughts on “Another Sunny Song

  1. They’re a Scottish group. They were friends of the members of another Scottish band, Camera Obscura. I am a fan of.the latter.

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  2. The niece that I mentioned is something of a peripatetic international scholar, and spent some time at Glasgow. But I think her liking Belle & Sebastian predates that.

    I’ll plead American Blinkerism and confess to a very limited view of Scottish history and modern culture. I was a little startled to see the phrase “notable work from the Scottish New Wave of the 60s” attached to a (later-made film and) novel I was trying to get a grip on. I was starting from thinking in terms of New Wave or Nouvelle Vague as basically a French thing (do you identify my avatar?), and had only recently caught on that critics were using the expression “British [or even English] New Wave” for films I had in fact seen and enjoyed in the 60s but hadn’t thought of as a group — like Richard Lester (not only the Beatles movies, but especially The Knack), A Taste of Honey (and how astonishing it was to recently start noticing an older Rita Tushingham in supporting character roles all over the place), film adaptations of “Angry Young Men” books and plays, and perhaps most tellingly “If” (1968). Oh wait, “I am curious” (both Yellow and Blue!) were “Swedish New Wave”? And now Young Adam was .. well no, the 2003 film was way too late for that label, but the 1954 novel was probably too early, but still its author Alexander Trocchi could be labelled like that. What’s next, “New England New Wave”, “Canadian New Wave”? Why not?

    Edit: “Scottish New Wave” search returns Wikipedia list for “Category:Scottish new wave musicians” and similar, which pokes me with the much needed reminder that “New Wave” has been a genre or movement label in popular music in a rather later era. And I don’t know whether it includes the group “Nouvelle Vague”. Which a local announcer startlingly pronounced as /veɪɡ/ or /vāɡ/ like the common English adjective — OMG could he be right?

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  3. Back when Craig Ferguson was hosting the Late Late Show, I was introduced to a number of musical groups through appearances on the show. Camera Obscura was one.

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