9 thoughts on ““Why is nobody looking at my face?”

  1. Anybody up on sunbathing practices around the 1870s? Her face does seem red, as if sunburned, and it wouldn’t be rouged would it if she’s in a bath? But more to the point she seems to have a triangular bikini-top style tan line amidst a slightly dusky tan .. on one side anyway.
    Or am I merely studying that feature too closely?

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  2. The calling system that she was using was poorly named, but that was the whole point of Bill’s headline, of course.


  3. As for your link, perhaps those hosting the call didn’t realize that they could turn off her video.
    Or maybe they did..

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  4. One can forget oneself at times. For example, I have a plastic face shield I wear when out in public. It’s clear and not very heavy, so after a while I forget I’m wearing it until I try to do something dumb, like touch my face. While working at home I’ll usually wear a shirt but sometimes no trousers (trousers are for outdoors). If I do a videocall, I must always remember to kill the video if I have to get up. Sometimes I just put on trousers.

    She’s got nice tits. The face is a little odd, though, as DB-LD noted. She’s not bad, but she’s no Janis Day.


  5. What you’re seeing as a bikini tan is just lighting. Notice that the part of her arm near the lighter skin is also lighter.

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  6. You’re right, Scott: in the moment, I guess nobody thought about just cutting her loose.

    I didn’t think of until you mentioned it.

    Presumably they would have if they’d thought of it, since they did try to call her.

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