Miss May 1964

miss may 1964

Is anybody really going to wear this?

And if they do…

Recently a couple was thrown out of a Wal-Mart for wearing Swastika face masks. How would retail stores handle something like this?

For the record, Facebook has no problem with Swastikas, but they wouldn’t allow this (though if she were a photo-realistic painting, that would be okay)

9 thoughts on “Miss May 1964

  1. I would like to know whether the mask was pre-labeled with the date, or did Bill have to perform an extensive search through stacks of old magazines to identify the image?


  2. P.S. In Germany, the “Hakenkreuz” mask would result in serious trouble: at the very least, a stern lecture from the police, possibly formal charges, although probably not jail time, unless it was a repeat offender.


  3. At stores, it probably comes down to whether another customer complains about the shirt. Occasionally there’s a news story about a situation at school where a kid violates whatever policy with a shirt that doesn’t seem too bad.


  4. Miss May’s breasts? Ha!

    This Magritte work is also available on a face mask.

    But it’s okay, because it’s art. And he’s French.


  5. Miss May just might prove to be a hit among he “Free the boobies,” crowd once bigger issues die down enough for causes like that to be taken off of hold.


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