12 thoughts on “I can’t even parse this sentence

  1. I think you maybe parse it “I take it you let him dress you for a change?”

    There are sometimes social media videos/challenges that are something like “I let my husband dress me for a week and here’s what happened!”

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  2. I think the implication is that she let her husband or boyfriend pick her outfit for her? Because that’s how guys like their significant others to dress. I mean, I know I do.

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  3. And here I figured that “he” was dressed for a change (of anatomy). Either that or the woman’s son was a big fan of Marilyn Manson and she let him go out in a prosthetic nude female torso like his music idol with his own little twist to the costume.

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  4. Thanks, Kevin. So apparently Cheney published two versions of the same cartoon, one with the caption he wrote when he was drunk, and one with the caption he wrote when he was sober.

    The sober version’s not bad.

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  5. Kevin’s find is surely the right correction.

    If the underlining is not just to mark the correction but meant as contrastive-stress — then how do we think she has been dressing him?

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  6. Appropriately for work, ie: clean dress shirt, tie, etc. Left to his own devices, he’d be hopeless, wearing comfortable clothes, not caring about a stain here or there, not matching colors… I mean, if she weren’t there to enforce “appropriate”, where would this world come to? (A change in the standards of “appropriate”, maybe?) Anyway, he’s managed to convince her that since he’s docile enough about her insistence on overriding his dress choices to match her desires (even if those desires are merely to ensure her guy doesn’t become a pariah not adhering to the norms), it’s only fair that she occasionally submit to dressing according to his desires — what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, after all. The only implausible aspect is that he was able to succeed in convincing her…

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