13 thoughts on “Chapped

  1. The incongruity of having a naked woman on the subway and all the only notice anyone pays is to her chapped hands. It is about missing the elephant in the room. Seems pretty obvious. Why is this a CIDU?

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  2. I’d assume it’s a “taken to extremes” parody version of various television commericals, in which one poor soul is dissed by friends because s/he doesn’t use the proper BrandName products. In this case, it could segue into an X-Rated Commercial for, say, Ivory Soap.

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  3. Because looking at people’s hands is the way snobs disparage the lower classes: chapped hands mean she washes clothes or dishes: she’s not a lady. Wearing nice/not nice clothes makes no difference to snobs; here, it’s taken to the extreme: no clothes at all.

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  4. I prefer Olivier’s thought to my own. I HAD thought that she may be suggesting that her friend focus on the chapped hands because the rest of the naked lady looks so good (or so naked, whichever is more disturbing).. Without hearing it actually spoken, “Just look at her rough, chapped hands” has two different meanings depending on how the first two words (or all of them) are accented.

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  5. But why do they look so angry? Are the woman’s chapped hands infringing on their happiness somehow?

    And I thought boobs are fine as long as no nipples are shown. So maybe not an Arlo. But what do I know.

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  6. The two gossips are merely jealous that they don‘t have bodies worth such exposure.
    P.S. @ Bill – Normally the link from CIDU is supposed to go directly into the comments for the associated Arlo post, but in this case it only links to the main Arlo page.

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  7. They would normally snipe about her clothing, but since that’s not an option, they move onto other aspects. The hair might be next.

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  8. Kilby, when I queue the CIDU post to go live after the Arlo post is already been up for a while, I link to the Arlo site itself, not to the specific post.


  9. I think Shrug has it. In fact, I’d bet there was a specific commercial (TV or radio) that Partch was referencing, which used that exact sentence.


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